Scratching the Surface

There’s lots to consider when choosing kitchen surfaces

December 04, 2019

Planning a major kitchen overhaul? Picking the materials for your new look is always a project in itself. To help you navigate your search, our Registered Interior Designer Michelle Mawby, shares her favourite trends:

Form Meets Function

What’s the point of having a beautiful kitchen if you’re always worried about having it damaged? With a little research, or help from your interior designer, you can create a space that not only looks exquisite but is also functional for everyday life. Laminam is virtually indestructible and is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the kitchen. I’m using it in my own bathroom renovation for both the vanity countertop and shower floor and walls. It’s great for homes with kids and messy cooks like I am because it resists everything from stains to scratches and even burns.

Available from floors to cupboards to counters, and even custom sinks. Its large-scale aesthetic gives a fresh look to any space. I always tell our clients that selecting practical and high-quality finishes in the kitchen pays off, because they look great for years to come.

Take Pattern Surfaces Beyond the Countertop

Rich, textured patterns that are typically found on countertops can make the leap to surfaces like back-splashes and walls, using slabs of tile or wood patterns that are visually stimulating. The best part about this trend is that there’s something to suit any style. I love the Casablend tiles by Casa Dolce Casa because they add a natural, earthy look in the kitchen. Or, if you’re looking to add an urban mod element, Murmansk double-pressed ceramic tiles available at Stone Tile have a textured surface that’s straight from the ’60s.This look works great in any area of your kitchen where you prepare food because it wipes clean, just like a backsplash.

Add Colour in Unexpected Places

A few years ago, we started to see colourful appliances come into play in a big way. The use of colour, where we once saw mostly muted neutrals, is becoming a big trend in kitchen surfaces as well. With fully customizable options such as Laminam, available in more than 100 colours and textures, any room can be tailored to personal taste and designs. From island countertops that pop, to accent cabinets, and bold hues replacing traditionally metallic kitchen finishes, explore colour as a focal point in your kitchen.

Make A Statement with “Style Tile”

Detailed, patterned floors and interestingly shaped tiles for backsplashes, like arabesques and printed patterns, are adding interest in areas we have often left as a backdrop. Patterns in different shapes and styles come together to make high-style, chic statements. From geometrical shapes to floral designs, the surfaces become the focal point. A modern twist on Victorian encaustic tiles, Azulej has beautiful tiles that can be mixed and matched to add an international flare to any kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous in your kitchen. Experiment with these great new styles to create a beautiful look that will last.


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